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The greatest mat massacres of all time are here!

Squash of the Week: Goldberg vs. Reese

2 Submitted by on Wed, 10 August 2022, 09:00
WCW, 1998 If you weren’t around for the rise of Bill Goldberg back in the late 90’s, you really missed out.  Dude was a massive star and got over in the simplest manner possible – he just went in and beat the ever loving crap out of everyone in his path. Goldberg squashes were always fun, and one of his Continue Reading...
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Squash of the Week: Skyscrapers vs. the Ding Dongs

21 Submitted by on Wed, 03 August 2022, 09:00
NWA, 1989 Welcome to yet another new column here at, the Squash of the Week!   As many of you know, the late, great Blade Braxton used to do a column called Jobber of the Week where he’d glorify those who glorified others, namely the enhancement talent of the days of yore.  I wanted to do something to honor Blade Continue Reading...
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