Wardlow vs. Vinny Pacifico

Every time I watch Wardlow, I just think there’s something missing. Like all the parts are there for the guy to be one of wrestling very tippy top stars but I never feel watching him like he’s there yet. Maybe he’ll never get there. But one thing I can tell you – dude can do some crazy beatdowns, and today’s encounter is definitely worthy of a SQUASH of the Week presentation.

His foe for today is young Vinny Pacifico, making his AEW debut. No doubt bouyed by hopes of becoming a household name he emerges from the tunnel wearing a shirt reading THA KID, a reference I don’t get. For sure I feel like I should totally know who this guy is, but I don’t. Feel free to tell me I’m an idiot below in the comments section.

So Wardlow comes out and I should note this is VERY early in his AEW run, with a record at this point of just 7-1. Pretty sure he lost his debut to Cody then went on a tear from there.

Knowing he’s going to have to do something major against his much larger opponent, Vinny comes in with a drop kick as soon as the bell rings. Unfortunately for Mr. Pacifico, Wardlow shrugs it off as if someone hit him with a paper wad.

Undeterred, Pacifico goes for a leg take down…which unfortunately means he’s in perfect position to be powerbombed nearly through the mat. You’d think this would be the set up for the symphony but…

…Wardlow instead lifts him up for a suplex and lays his feet on the top rope. He gives a big thumbs down, releases him, and sends a vicious knee right upside the guy’s head. Ref Audrey Edwards checks him…and calls for the bell. I do not remember that being his finisher at all, but he should really bring it back as at least a signature move as it looked absolutely BRUTAL.

Winning by ref stoppage wasn’t quite enough for Wardlow so he decides to hand out some more punishment, throwing him on his shoulder and spinning him around like a top before throwing him to the mat like a pile of garbage. Now see, I watch this and I totally remember why so many folks felt he should be pushed to the moon. Maybe he should just go on a reign of terror clobbering geeks every week for the next six months? This is truly what he’s best at and everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned SQUASH right?

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