It Came From YouTube

ODB Highlight Music Video

Prior to joining TNA, ODB plied her trade in the United States Wrestling Organization in Tennessee. I can’t say I’m too familiar with the USWO, but thankfully they’ve put together this rockin’ music video package of her greatest hits. Check out that move set and what looks like a bikini contest.

They even helpfully tell us what “ODB” stands for. How thoughtful!

Ask The Divas: Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from you the WWE Divas! All your favorites are here to answer your burning Valentine related-questions like what to get that special someone or who they have a crush on. We’ve got Gail Kim, Natalya, Maria and…Katie Lea Burchill!

Huh, I wonder why nobody asked her about her special relationship with her brother Paul.

Hey, Bayley! I Wanna Know If You’ll Be My Girl!

Since Bayley is headed to Wrestlemania, will we see a return to the sweet, lovable “I’m A Hugger” version soon?

And more importantly, will fans once again be serenading her with an altered version of DJ Ötzi’s cover of “Hey Baby“? It is delightful and we need more of it.

Breakdancing Fred Ottman Returns!

Breakdancing Fred Ottman is back and he’s popping and locking all over the place!

Next time you see him at a convention, don’t ask for a picture of The Shockmaster. Ask Fred to show you how to do those sick arm waves!

Breakdancing Fred Ottman

Friend of the site Fred Ottman has been many things over his wrestling career. Tugboat, Shockmaster, Typhon. Did you know he was also a solid breakdancer?

Look at him go! Back off, Mark Young, Uncle Fred has got moves.

Kevin Nash Has Monster Truck Madness

Poor Kevin Nash. He has Monster Truck Madness!

Thankfully, the cure isn’t more cowbell. It’s Monster Truck Madness on Nintendo 64. While it may seem a little odd that a professional wrestler is down with the monster truck sickness, it’s because there’s nWo and WCW trucks in the game.

What, no trucks for Hulk Hogan and The Giant? Missed opportunity!

Braun Strowman Appétit!

WWE big man Braun Strowman knows how to eat, but does he know how to cook?

Wrestling is one thing, but cooking using only verbal instructions from Bon Appetit’s food director, Carla Lalli Music is another. Will his lobster rolls be a hit or or a miss? Dig in to find out!