It Came From YouTube

CM Punk’s Diet Soda

Now that he’s back with the WWE, lots of people will want to revisit CM Punk’s greatest moments with the company. There’s the “pipebomb” promo or when he won the WWE championship or his feud with Big Daddy V.

Personally, my favorite was the saga of John Cena vs. Punk’s diet soda.

“John! What are you doing?! John, my diet soda! What are you doing?!” gets me every time.

WWF Superstars Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. What should we be thankful for? Classic wrestling clips on Youtube, of course!

WWF Superstars are telling us what they’re thankful for before Survivor Series. In just a few short seconds, we learn more about these wrestlers than in today’s never-ending 20 minute promos.

We’ve got Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Demolition…and “The Model” Rick Martel! I’d be thankful for a big atomizer of Arrogance. If only we had gotten Earthquake and Dino Bravo talking about how Thanksgiving actually took place in October.

WWE needs to bring back these pronto.

Ethan Page Buys Batman Toys

“All Ego” Ethan Page takes us (and The Gunns) to a toy shop in Winnipeg and picks up a bunch of Batman toys. There’s some really cool stuff at this place, so check it out and drool over your forgotten youth.

Do I smell run-in on The Joker’s Mustache?

Introducing Basket Case

The NBA season has begun and what better way to celebrate than with the evilest basketball player of them all, Basket Case?

RD inducted this triple-double of a WCW gimmick not too long ago, but during his match, he was referred to as plain, old Mark Jindrak. This introduction by Bert Prentice proves that he was, in fact, known as Basket Case. It’s not exactly a slam dunk of a promo, more of an underhand grandma throw, but hey, it’s proof enough.

Pete Rose Visited By Kane On Halloween

Kane and Pete Rose’s feud has been chronicled right here on this very website. Did you know it even extended into a Halloween-themed commercial for a No Mercy pay-per-view? That means Kane’s burning hatred for Charlie Hustle goes outside the boundaries of a WWE ring. Imagine Kane, dressed as the Christmas Creature, chokeslamming Pete Rose when he opens his door for carolers. Or hitting him with a sidewalk slam on Valentine’s Day.

And who could blame Kane? Rose no-sells all the kids in WWE costumes. Booker Mini and Kidust deserve at least a mini Twix.

ECW Diva Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween is almost upon us, so here’s something really scary: WWE’s version of ECW! While this terrible trick on wrestling fans was relatively short-lived, we did get this Diva Halloween costume contest as some sort of treat.

Kelly Kelly, Trinity, and Ariel compete for audience applause. Trinity wins, but I want to say that Ariel was robbed! Almost 20 years later and I’m still mad about it. She lost on a technicality! Justice for Ariel!

The Hardys Treat Or Delete

I’ll admit that the Broken Matt Hardy thing wasn’t for me. Beyond the initial “I can’t believe this is actually happening” I just didn’t really get it. Others seemed to love it and it has made appearances in both WWE and AEW to, let’s just say, diminishing returns.

That’s not to say there weren’t some fun moments like the Hardys celebrating Halloween. We get visits from The Hurricane, Crazzy Steve (sort of), and, uhhh, Itchweed?

Man Mountain rock WWF shrugging Wrestlecrap

Yeah, I don’t know either, dude.

Hulk Hogan Boosts The Tampa Bay Lightning

Another season of the National Hockey League has begun! When you think of hockey and professional wrestling, who comes to mind? Longtime readers will certainly think of The Goon. Some fans may think of Chris Jericho whose father Ted Irvine played for the Rangers, Bruins, Blues, and Kings. CM Punk is a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan. It may not be the most popular major sport, but it certainly has its connections to wrestling.

Would you think Hulk Hogan? Probably not, but the Florida resident and beach shop owner gets the nod from the Tampa Bay Lightning during their playoff game against the Montreal Canadiens. He does a little promo about “kicking a little Canadian ice” to pump up the crowd before the clip sadly cuts off.

What a shame! I would’ve loved to hear Hulk Hogan talk about the finer points of hockey, like the neutral zone trap, the importance of keeping a box during the penalty kill, and working the cycle in the offensive zone.