It Came From YouTube

Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji on Conan O’Brien

In 1993, WWF Champion Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji visited “Late Night” with Conan O’Brien.

Highlights include the crowd cheering the defeat of Hulk Hogan, Yoko no selling everything, and Fuji being Fuji.

Malakai Black Gets Tattoo’d

Have you ever wanted to see AEW‘s Malakai Black getting a tattoo?

Really? Huh. Okay.

Well, you’re in luck as tattoo artist Paul Booth inks up the head of the House Of Black. It isn’t the first time either.

The Voodoo Cane

Have you ever seen a promo go completely off the rails?

Oh, sure. You may think Sid’s “We’re live, pal” promo or Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer go off the rails, but they have nothing, nothing, on the Voodoo Cane.

It seems that manager Mark Manson (dressed as the world’s funkiest magician) has a special voodoo cane so powerful that it causes announcer Bob Luce to laugh hysterically while Pepper Gomez looks bemused. Even Manson breaks by the end. The Boogeyman’s smoking cane can’t hold a candle to this magical instrument.

Has this ever been on Botchamania? Mrs. Deal, get Maffew on the phone!

The Acclaimed’s ‘A Hand For A Hand’ Music Video

Professional wrestling music videos were a big deal once upon a time. Thanks to AEW’s The Acclaimed and The Big… I mean, Paul Wi…I mean, CAPTAIN INSANO, maybe they’re going to make a comeback.

Or maybe not.

Top Chef: WWE

WWE are no strangers to the culinary world. With cookbooks, ill-fated restaurants, and, um, hot-dog eating contests, it’s no surprise they’d team up with a cooking competition.

WWE stars The Miz, Maryse, and Naomi appear as judges on Top Chef: Family Style. What’s truly impressive is that no one gave The Miz food poisoning on purpose. He even channels “Dr. D” David Schultz’s “Eat it! Eat it now!” with a “Stir it! Yeah, stir it!” That’s enough for someone to “accidentally” undercook an egg or two.

Beat Bruno Sammartino In This Wrestling Trivia Game

Think you have what it takes to beat Bruno Sammartino one-on-one in a wrestling trivia game? How about with Captain Lou Albano in his corner for some reason?

Pick up your phone and enter the squared circle of geekdom to win a big screen TV, a VCR, an NES, and the Power Glove. It’s so bad.

American Tea-Hating Lord Alfred Hayes

Before he was a commentator and comedic sidekick in the WWF, Lord Alfred Hayes was a no good, dirty, rotten, American tea-hating heel.

Just look at the way he sips down that perfectly fine Lipton with disgust. You’d think Chris Jericho prepared it for him the way he winces. Maybe he would have preferred Tetley or some Celestial Seasons instead.

Ultimate Warrior’s Prison Break Car Commercial

I know the 80’s were a different time, but this is weird even by 80’s standards.

We have a young and svelte-looking Ultimate Warrior, then known as the Dingo Warrior, breaking Joe Greed out of prison to get a new ’87 Yugo.

I don’t know what’s stranger: Joe Greed’s outfit, Warrior trying to fit into a Yugo like the very tall man in the Simpsons, or Warrior saying “Let’s boogie!”

The Bloodline Goes Goodfellas

Wrestlemania 39 may be over, but we’ll always have this amazing Goodfellas parody starring The Bloodline. Roman Reigns as Joe Pesci’s character Tommy DeVito and Paul Heyman as Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill are great, but deadpan Solo Sikoa is the star.

We’ll see if they go full Goodfellas and steal all the belts ala the Lufthansa heist. Just don’t go spending any money afterwards. It draws attention.

Kill Bill with Beth Phoenix and Kairi Sane

Wrestlemania is once again going Hollywood. While many fans may remember the Pulp Fiction parody starring Eddie Guerrero and Booker T, this Kill Bill parody from The Edge & Christian Show starring Beth Phoenix and Kairi Sane is just as good, if not better.

Beth as The Bride and Kairi as Gogo Yugari is just *mwah* chef’s kiss and we even get a Hacksaw Jim Duggan reference. I hope we get an Inglorious Basterds parody next time.