It Came From YouTube

Chris Jericho “Sings” Van Halen

AEW’s Chris Jericho joined sleaze nostalgia band Steel Panther to butcher sing Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher”. I guess they couldn’t get Sammy Hagar.

You may want to get tested after listening to it. At least he didn’t get into a fight with Sebastian Bach this time. That’s an improvement, right?

Becky Lynch ASMR

It’s ASMR, the one entertainment genre more incomprehensible to outsiders than pro wrestling!

In this case, it’s a St. Patrick’s Day Back to the Future Becky Lynch Cosplay WWE Referee Role Play ASMR (Soft-Spoken with Page-Flipping).

TNA Video Game Commercial

With an AEW video game (eventually) coming out, let’s look back at a commercial for TNA’s video game.

What better way to advertise your game than having AJ Styles and Kurt Angle ruin a Gamestop? I can only assume that Serg Salinas threw Styles through the window…or Claire Lynch.

The Amazing Wedding of Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter (aka AEW’s Blade)

We’ve all seen The Bunny and the Blade in AEW, but did you know they were involved in a train wreck wedding angle in Impact Wrestling?

And it was so completely off the rails it was kinda…dare I say it…awesome?

Or maybe it sucked.  Let me know below!

Pro Wrestling Star Azteckaiser Theme

This delightful intro is from the pro-wrestling-themed superhero Japanese television show Pro-Wrestling Star Azteckaiser.

How has he not made an appearance in AEW yet? Look at that car! Look at that work rate.

As the theme song says, “Come on! Come on! Come on!” Make it happen, Tony.

“The Legend of Chavo Guerrero” Music Video

The Mountain Goats released the concept album “Beat the Champ” in 2015, inspired by singer John Darnielle’s childhood years watching wrestling during the territory days.

As you can see, several songs center around specific wrestlers, such as Luna Vachon, Bruiser Brody, and, in the case of the music video below, Chavo Guerrero, Sr:

The video stars Chavo Classic himself, plus indie wrestlers like Ryan Nemeth and that penis wrestler no one talks about anymore (It was 2015, after all).

Erick Redbeard Wrestles In Amon Amarth’s Music Video

Erick Redbeard (née Rowan) is featured in heavy metal band Amon Amarth’s music video. They were probably returning the favor after he wore their shirt on WWE TV. Both fancy themselves Vikings, so it’s a match made in Valhalla. 

Triple H Wrestles On MadTV

It’s not Bret Hart vs Will Sasso, but Triple H taking on MadTV star Bobby Lee is a close second.

That wig he’s wearing is a distant third.

His nerd voice, though, belongs in the Hall Of Fame.

Giant Baba Commercials

These commercials starring Giant Baba are delightful. We’ve got ice cream, fried chicken, and… I’m not sure about the first one, but he’s playing the piano. There’s really not enough pro wrestlers playing the piano.…I bet that url isn’t taken!

Stone Cold Steve Austin Visits The Phillies And Mets

Sure, Stone Cold Steve Austin can stomp a mudhole, but he can also hit a baseball and wear jorts to throw out the first pitch.

Sadly, Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz is nowhere in sight. Talk about a missed feud.