It Came From YouTube

Dino Bravo and Rick Martel Workout

Before they were WWF villains, Dino Bravo and Rick (or Ricky, if you prefer) Martel were a top tag team in Montreal’s International Wrestling.

How popular were they? Well, popular enough to go for bike rides, lift weights, and, uh, do that wheelbarrow game you see at family picnics. All to a funky pop beat!

If AEW really wanted to revitalize their tag team division, we’d get FTR in a potato sack race and the House Of Black doing calisthenics in the park.

Kane Is Full Of Bologna

This year’s 4th Of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest may have been missing legendary competitive eater Joey Chestnut this year, but that doesn’t mean the gluttonous gladiator isn’t still shoveling food in his mouth.

See, Joey took a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee for a bologna eating contest and was joined by Mayor and former WWE Champion, Kane. There’s a joke in there about a mayor being full of bologna. How does the Devil’s Favorite Demon compare to gastronomic guru? Grab a cup of water for dipping and find out.

Swagger Soaring Eagle’s Entrance Video

It’s the most patriotic time of the year in the US and what better way to celebrate it with the entrance video for the most patriotic WWE Superstar?

The Patriot?


Hacksaw Jim Duggan?


The Undertaker that one time at Survivor Series?

Nu uh.

Jack Swagger’s Soaring Eagle!

Did a giant eagle mascot need his own theme music and Titantron? No, but when has that ever stopped WWE? Be sure to play this before lighting off a bunch of M-80’s and shouting “We the people!”

Outback Jack vs The Raider

Normally, actual wrestling matches are reserved for inductions or Squash Of The Week. So why is this Outback Jack match against The Raider here on It Came From Youtube?

It’s kind of not really a squash. That, and I don’t want Art and RD to have to talk about it.

The Raider goes toe-to-toe with the Aussie, exchanging blows, kicking out of a pin, and even gaining the upper hand during their brief encounter. WWF bet on the wrong dingo by making an Outback Jack LJN figure. We could’ve been playing with The Raider figures instead!

NWA Wildside Commercial

NWA Wildside was a small independent federation affiliated with the NWA based out of Georgia. You can find a number of matches on Youtube, but I’m more interested in this commercial for their website. With enough cuts to make Kevin Dunn blush, the ad promotes the old website. And hey! There’s AJ Styles.

What really gets me going, though, it the music. The unrelenting blast of nu metal makes me feel like I’m 16 years old again, spiking my hair up, wearing baggy pants, and going to local weekend shows. That brand of mall metal in the late 90’s/early 00’s fit in so well with theĀ extreme style of wrestling, it was like chocolate and peanut butter.

It’s a shame we never got Slipknot performing at Wrestlemania. Or competing in the Royal Rumble.

Rock And Roll Express Fan Club

“This is what the world has been waiting for!” says Tony Schiavone about the Rock and Roll Express Fan Club. Seems like a bit of a stretch, but maybe the world really wanted four newsletters a year, life-size standees, membership cards, and a copy of Ricky’s single. I’m sure those would all go for a pretty penny on eBay today.

PCO Electrocuted With A Car Battery

Some older wrestling fans may be more familiar with Pierre Carl Ouellet’s run as Jean-Pierre Lafitte, evil, jacket-stealing pirate or from his run as one-half of The Quebecers. In recent years, PCO remade himself on the indies as a wild and violent madman, doing all sorts of stuff.

At a Beyond Wrestling show, PCO was taking on MJF and required a little bit of help from D. Destro. Namely, 10,000 volts of help.

We’ve seen car batteries used in wrestling before, but using a battery to help a wrestler “hulk up” is definitely a new one for me. Don’t forget to check his oil and change his air filter, Destro.