It Came From YouTube

Triple H Wrestles On MadTV

It’s not Bret Hart vs Will Sasso, but Triple H taking on MadTV star Bobby Lee is a close second.

That wig he’s wearing is a distant third.

His nerd voice, though, belongs in the Hall Of Fame.

Giant Baba Commercials

These commercials starring Giant Baba are delightful. We’ve got ice cream, fried chicken, and… I’m not sure about the first one, but he’s playing the piano. There’s really not enough pro wrestlers playing the piano.…I bet that url isn’t taken!

Stone Cold Steve Austin Visits The Phillies And Mets

Sure, Stone Cold Steve Austin can stomp a mudhole, but he can also hit a baseball and wear jorts to throw out the first pitch.

Sadly, Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz is nowhere in sight. Talk about a missed feud.

Hulkamania Workout Commercial, Starring…

…Paul Orndorff, of course.

Over the years, we’ve featured both the Hulkamania workout set and the audio tape that went with it. Completing the trifecta is this puzzling commercial.

It starts out with a kid looking at all the WWF posters in his room.

“How can I get muscles like you guys?” he says.

Not one second later, in comes Paul Orndorff, bursting through the wall. But he’s not here to sell Kool-Aid (at least not literally).

“Wow, Mr. Wonderful!” says the kid. I guess this sort of thing was normal in 1985, but I would have had some questions if a WWF Superstar had broken through my bedroom wall. Questions like:

“Hey, are you gonna pay for that?”

Or, “Why didn’t you just ring the doorbell?”

Or, “How is that possible? My room is on the second floor.”

As for why Paul Orndorff would be advertising a Hulk Hogan product? I can only guess that LJN wanted Hogan for the commercial, but he wasn’t home when they called, so they gave it to Mr. Wonderful.

The Million Dollar Man Goes Full Super Villain!


Ted DiBiase’s vignettes were generally top notch stuff, but this may be my all-time favorite.  Everyone should always be this gleeful when buying the world’s most gaudy wrestling belt!

Dixie Carter Begs Hulk Hogan To Never, Ever Leave

Ah yes, the legendary Dixie Carter hugs the Hulkster’s leg to get him to stay promo.

God bless this poor woman, wrestling was at least a lot funnier when she was around.

Merry Christmas from Georgia Championship Wrestling

Not sure about you, but I never truly get into the spirit of the holidays until Mr. Wrestling II and Gordon Solie come a caroling!

Happy holidays from everyone at!

The Zodiac Arrives in the Dungeon of Doom!

The legendary Dungeon of Doom had many terrible members, but was the Zodiac the worst?

What do you mean, “Yes No Yes No”??

WCW SuperBrawl SNES Character Select Screen

Look at this incredible line up!

Look at this absurd select screen!

And yes, amazingly, the actual game itself is even worse.

That takes talent!

“Impomptu” Michael Hayes Concert


Totally not planned.

Not at all.

Just flat out lucky they had that music at the ready!