It Came From YouTube

Taz Debuts In The USWA

Depending on when you started watching wrestling, you may have a different image of Taz when you think of him. Newer fans may know him as the wacky commentator and sometimes, kind-of manager on AEW. Maybe you know him from the same role in TNA or his time in WWE, both as a wrestler and color commentator.

Older fans will of course remember his dominant run as The Human Suplex Machine in the original ECW. He even worked in WCW for a match. Longtime readers may even remember The Tasmaniacs.

But I digress.

This right here is his debut in the USWA as the Tazmaniac with Richard Lee. In what could easily double as a Squash Of The Week, a, uh, unique-looking Tazmaniac makes short work of Tony Williams. Just listen to that crowd laugh cheer when he makes his entrance! Gasp as he nibbles Tony’s fingers!

Fun fact: USWA doesn’t get a mention on his Wikipedia page. I wonder why.

Charo Joins The AWA

Look at that. RD’s favorite Charo escaped Fantasy Island and decided to visit AWA of all places. The start tells us about her love of wrestling, good-looking guys, and her plans for 1988.

The best part, though? She is made an honorary member of the AWA, meaning she could wrestle anybody in the company.

Who knows? Maybe AWA would still be around today if she competed in The Team Challenge Series and the Great Turkey Hunt.

Hot Ones With Adam Cole And MJF

AEW‘s ROH Tag Team champs Adam Cole and MJF took their buddy routine to chicken wing-eating show Hot Ones. Specifically, they’re playing “Truth Or Dab” where they have to tell the truth or eat some super spicy wings.

Adam Cole is happy to be there and MJF is…MJF. Just show this instead of Rampage.

Terry Funk Wendy’s Commercial

Wrestling legend Terry Funk left us this week. People inside and outside of the business have been recounting all of the Funker’s best matches and promos from his long, storied career.

Even outside of the ring, Funk made an impact. He was an actor, a singer, and even a Wendy’s hamburger hater. Funk was tougher than a two-dollar steak and that mean, no-good, son-of-a-gun preferred that over the fresh, juicy goodness of a Wendy’s burger. Maybe some fries and a Frosty would’ve have changed his tune. Probably not.

Bobby Heenan on Letterman

He only appears for a few seconds, but Bobby Heenan appeared on David Letterman’s live anniversary show. Listen to that pop! Look at that suit! He didn’t even have to say anything and he got a major reaction. Brain was the best.

Ricky Starks Meets Ryback

Long before he joined AEW, Ricky Starks was just a hapless “arena worker” trying to have a little nosh. Ryback was having none of it, smashed food in his ear (!) and unceremoniously slammed Starks through a table.

That was very rude of the Big Guy. Ricky was just trying to enjoy a tuna sandwich. Perhaps Ryback was confused because the can said “Chicken of the Sea” but there was no chicken in it.

Danhausen Bakes Cookies

AEW fan-favorite Danhausen bakes us a delicious batch of berry white chocolate chip cookies while being very fashionable, very handsome dressed as The Rock.

“Extract the vanilla beans!” should be his new catchphrase. Maybe an AEW cookbook is in the works.

Love that Cookiehausen!

Shawn Michaels Visits MuchMusic

Shawn Michaels paid a visit to MuchMusic in 1996. He talks about winning the Royal Rumble, ladies, and Wrestlemania XII. The interesting thing about this appearance, though, is that HBK talks about coming out on the losing end of a real-life fight in Syracuse. Would you believe it was someone else’s fault? Yeah, me neither.

Too bad he didn’t stick around to appear on Loud and Electric Circus.

Art Donovan On The Tonight Show

NFL Hall Of Famer and WWF commentating legend Art Donovan stops by The Tonight Show.

And, yes, he does actually talk about weight.