It Came From YouTube: page 2

Art Donovan On The Tonight Show

NFL Hall Of Famer and WWF commentating legend Art Donovan stops by The Tonight Show.

And, yes, he does actually talk about weight.

Corey Taylor vs Baron Corbin: Part 2

On last week’s It Came From Youtube, the Corey Taylor/Baron Corbin feud ignited. This week, the Mega Mallgoths explode.

The war of words continued as Taylor sat ringside during Corbin’s match. After being poked in the chest by Corbin, Taylor decided to give the not-yet-Constable Corbin a Rick James-style open-handed slap. Eventually, Samoa Joe picked up the win and Taylor went on to make music of questionable quality.

For a company that loves celebrity involvement, it’s kind of surprising that this was never on television. It’s not like WWE has never been involved with metal bands. Maybe Vince prefers Mudvayne over Slipknot.

Corey Taylor vs Baron Corbin: Part 1

Before he was Happy Corbin and before he was King Corbin, Baron Corbin was just…Baron Corbin. He didn’t really have a gimmick other than being a tall guy with tattoos. I guess he was kind of like a bully at the mall, hanging outside Hot Topic, hassling people to listen to his band.

Back in 2015, NXT had some matches at the hard rock/metal Aftershock Festival. Seems that ol’ Bully Corbin didn’t take to kindly to Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor headlining over the black and gold brand. The two jawed back and forth, but sadly, Corbin never got to hand Taylor his band’s demo tape.

Brooke Hogan Sings The National Anthem

When she wasn’t doing whatever it was she did in TNA, Brooke Hogan sang. And what better way to celebrate the Fourth Of July than hearing the Hulkster’s daughter since the American and Canadian national anthems during the 2004 Stanley Cup finals? It’s what our Founding Fathers would have wanted.

You know what? She does a good job! Eat your heart out, Rockin’ Robin.

Eddie Sharkey’s Pro Wrestling Camp

Here’s a fun throwback: Eddie Sharkey‘s Pro Wrestling Camp VHS. It doesn’t exactly get off to a great start as “Wrestling” is misspelled at the very beginning, but we do get interviews, mullets, and the finest music Cinemax After Dark has to offer.

Get ready to hit the gym, stretch properly, and tuck your chin when you bump. If it worked for the Road Warriors, Ravishing Rick Rude, and, uh, The Warlord, then Eddie Sharkey’s Pro Wrestling Camp is for you!

TNA Rap Music Video

Did you know there was a rap video for Total Nonstop Action?

Judging by the number of views and subscribers, TNA probably didn’t know either!

Too bad they couldn’t get Kurt Angle to throw in a few bars.

WCW Lottery Game

Sure, a WCW lottery game from Kansas is a fun little oddity from a time when pro-wrestling was white hot, but the real gem from this commercial is seeing four wrestlers fight it out while dressed like old ladies.

We’ve got Bam Bam Bigelow, Konnan, Billy Kidman, and Perry Saturn doing their best Grandmama impression in the squared circle. It’s amazing that with all of the bad gimmicks and angles at that time that we never got a version of this stable on Thunder.