Bastion Booger vs. Mike Khoury

WWF, 1993

Bastion Booger may seem an unlikely candidate for a SQUASH of the Week, but I think when we get to the end of this one, you’ll be onboard with this selection.

For those who weren’t tortured in following the WWF in 1993, journeyman wrestler Mike Shaw was brought into the company to be the ugliest, most disgusting man on the planet. That’s not me defiling the guy – that was what Vince and his co-horts drew up for him. Previously known as Norman the Lunatic, Trucker Norm, and Friar Ferguson, Shaw set out to do his best with the role.

Today we have Booger taking on a mustachioed jobber by the name of Mike Khoury.

While the bulk of the match is your usual punchy kicky stuff, Booger does give Khoury the opportunity to get his family at home to see him up close and personal by bringing him right to the camera.

I mean, he’s slapping him around as he does it, but it’s the thought that counts.

Booger throws poor Mike to the outside and leans him up against the ring steps, then goes full steam 100…10…eh, let’s call it like 2 miles per hour and collides into the guy. Watch closely and you can see the dude’s skull crack in a very brutal manner against the ring post.


And SPEAKING OF yikes, we get to the end of the match where you get to see a very rare site – Booger hitting his finisher, which Bobby Heenan dubs the “Trip to the Batcave.”

I’d say that the company could come up with something better than that, but since the first thing I can come up with rhymes with “Booger’s Ree Flag”, we’ll stick with The Brain’s description instead.

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