Big Show Squashes One of WWE’s Biggest Stars AND One of AEW’S Biggest Stars…at the SAME TIME!

It’s been fun of late finding the stars of today being victims of SQUASHes of the past…but this time is a little different. You see, it’s not one of today’s top wrestlers getting clobbered but two. And at the exact same time no less!

Coming to us on the old Sunday Night Heat progrem, we’ve got the Big Show heading out for a prelim match. A prelim handicap match, I should note. And his foes tonight would be…

…oh yes kids, that ain’t Shawn Michaels…it would be JON MOXLEY AND LA KNIGHT! And hey, what’s it says on Mox’s tights there?

Something something ICON. I can’t really tell so I’m going to say PEW PEW ICON. Give me your guesses in the comments section below.

The boys decide to try a parallel attack, but it doesn’t go so well, with Mox getting shoved (by the throat!) to the mat and Knight getting squished in the corner.

To add insult to injury, Show tosses them together like a couple of clowns before asking the quiet to please be quiet so they can hear just how loud his chops are.

Pulling a page out of his “popular moves by oversized men in spandex throughout history” book, Show then stands on Mox’s back. Should he ever have a back injury, right there could be the preliminary cause.

Welllllllllllllll, it’s a big BUTT in the corner and a couple clotheslines…

…before Show channels his inner Ultimate Warrior and tosses Knight into Mox as their keystone cops routine continues.

Finally, the boys save themselves from a double chokeslam. Unfortunately, they can’t save themselves from two individual chokeslams. Show lays on Knight like he’s a pillow to end the carnage. Naturally, Knight and Mox would go onto better things. Never give up kids – never give up!

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