The Amazing Team of Sid Vicious and Stan Hansen BRUTALIZE Keith Hart and David Isley!!!

Wait, this cannot possibly be right. Stan Hansen and SID were once a tag team and I never knew about it? How is that even possible? Like I know they were both in WCW about the same time in the early 1990s, but when one of my friends sent this my way MY MIND WAS BLOWN.

Both men have already been featured doing SQUASH of the Weeks in the past, and both were absolutely incredible laying a path of utter destruction in their wake. Will this be a Reese’s Cup situation where two great things are even better together? Let’s find out as they take on Keith Hart and David Isley!

Sid jumps in first with his Frankenstein style kicks before making a quick tag to the Bad Man from Borger, Texas. Once in, Stan clobbers poor Isley with punches and elbows to the noggin that have him flopping around like a fish out of water.

Keith comes in and his luck is no better, as Hansen tosses him out of the ring like a sack of garbage. You’d think that would give him a chance to breathe, but ain’t no chance of that as Stan jumps out after him and then throws him back in so he can attempt to strangulate him with some good old fashioned Greco-Roman choking.

At this point Stan offers his prey up to Sid who CLIMBS THE ROPES and does a double sledge. I remember seeing Sid attempt to do something similar to this about a decade later and let’s just say it didn’t turn out so well. Also mad props to the jobber here for taking a flat back bump despite every law of physics saying there’s no chance his body should go that direction. That’s just dedication to the craft.

An Irish whip is followed up with a BAAAAACK BODY DROP. I know Vince McMahon never called WCW matches, but if ever there was a prime opportunity for him to do so, it was rightchere.

Sid gives us a gigantic body slam next, then Stan is like “that ain’t nuthin'” and hits a vicious back suplex that appears to break the poor guy in half.

Deciding they ain’t getting paid by the hour, they make short work over their overmatched does with tandem offense in the form of a nasty lariat and vicious power bomb. Ha! See what I did there?

But hey, that’s not enough, so Stan slams one guy on the stretcher while Sid gorilla presses the other onto him over the top rope. THEN they take the poor guy on the gurney and roll him head first into the metal post holding up the turnbuckles! This exceeded even my wildest expectations – ME NEED MOAR STAN & SID!!!!

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