Paul Orndorff Has a Not So Wonderful SQUASH!

One of the first heels I truly came to love when I got into pro wrestling was none other than “Mr. Wonderful” himself, Paul Orndorff. It was within the first year or so of my becoming a fan that Orndorff turned on Hogan and went on a truly epic run in the business. Hogan was a great opponent for Orndorff to be sure.

Also to be sure – Larry Higgens was NOT a great opponent for Orndorff, as we are about to find out.

And seriously, look at Paul there – dude looks ticked already. And that’s before this whole fiasco even gets started!

So the match starts with a great lockup by Orndorff, followed by a quick small package. For his part, Higgens wants no part of that and rolls outside the ring.

Back in, Mr. Wonderful goes to work with a series of arm wringers. Wrestling has always had some cool sounding move names, and I’d put ARM WRINGER up there with any of them.

A test of strength comes next, but Orndorff decides screw that and just starts beating the stuffing out of Higgens. Stove Top, I bet. We also get a nice drop kick which isn’t something Paul would use all the time but when he did I always dug it. It probaboy would have looked a lot better if Higgens had a clue how to run the ropes.

And that would rear its ugly head seconds later, as it’s at this point things go horribly, HORRIBLY wrong. Orndorff had yet to start using the piledriver for his finish, instead opting for a power slam. And well…yeah. Not so great. Not sure if Higgens was supposed to stay down for a three count and didn’t or if Orndorff was like, “get up tubby, I’m winning with my move!”

Try try again, as this time Orndorff DOES get his guy over. Two things to watch here. First is before he whips him into the ropes, he looks at the camera like, “You gotta be kidding me.” Second is Paul kneeing him in the noggin AFTER the finish as if to say, “go back to wrestling school ya geek.” The match made not have been wonderful, but as always Paul Orndorff was!

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