Diesel vs. Bob Backlund

Bob Backlund, WWF Champion

Madison Square Garden – November 26, 1994

We’re stockpiling quite of few of these one-sided battles here at WrestleCrap.com, but I believe this is the first where a title – a world championship, no less! – has been decided. And in this case, in less than ten seconds!

In the fall of 1994, Bob Backlund did the unthinkable. He returned to the WWF as a feel good come back story, then did a bizarre heel turn where he seemingly lost his mind and somehow wound up as WWF Champion once again. And let me tell you, he was GREAT in this role. I absolutely loved crazy Bob, seeing this once bland man go completely off his rocker and fill interviews with fifty dollar words that went over the heads of the audience. But this proud championship reign was short-lived, as he ran into a buzzsaw named Diesel.

In their not quite epic encounter, Backlund looked his giant challenger up and down. Sure, this was a big guy, but he’d battled others in the past and lived to tell the tale. If he could successfully depend against Gorilla Monsoon, surely he could top this young whippersnapper!

Well, no. A kick to the gut and a single powerbomb later, it was all over – and Diesel claimed his first (and only, believe it or not only) WWF world title. Nash would hold the title for almost a year before finally dropping it to the guy who Backlund beat, Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

For years, it has been stated that Nash’s title reign was an utter disaster, doing terrible business. Nash himself would disagree in an incredible tell all documentary series with Alex Shelley in TNA. And he even has the charts to prove it!

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