Don Muraco vs. a Meatball Submarine Sandwich

Been a long time since I’ve had a meatball sub sandwich as I largely gave up eating red meat about 20 years ago. That said, at one time there were a staple of my diet. I remember cashing in many of those old Subway SubClub cards for those delightful, delectable, and detrimental to my heart’s long term stability sandwiches. Man they were delicious.

I bring it up as I recently discovered this amazing match with Don Muraco taking on a jobber. No idea who his opponent was, and I can tell you the Magnificent One didn’t much care either as he was more interested in finishing up some dinner.

Really. He was eating a meatball submarine as he beat on this poor guy! As commentator Vince McMahon Jr. ponders the legality of such actions, Muraco decides he is a bit parched as well…

…and motions manager Captain Lou Albano to get him a drink. No wonder these two didn’t stay together long after this match – could you have gotten the poor guy a tinier Coke, Lou? That thing looks like a Dixie Cup!

Don stops his eating and drinking just long enough to clobber the guy a bit more, then make sure to show everyone just how lean and mean he is by patting his belly. No doubt this is where Subway got the idea to market themselves as the “healthy’ fast food alternative.

One last bite and a pile driver later, and this one is in the books. Just one question remains of course – what do you think the big guy had for dessert? Leave your guesses in the comments section below!

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