2 Cold Scorpio Does a 2023 SQUASH in 1992

Some guys are ahead of their time. Folks always like to point to “Superstar” Billy Graham as a prime example and rightly so. A roided up muscle man, he would have been a perfect foe for Hogan in the mid 80s. It’s always fun to find folks like that, and even more fun when you find folks who would have fit better in today’s wrestling than their own era. And that’s the case today with the great 2 Cold Scorpio!

You may think that Scorp would be in trouble taking on the Mighty Thor, but a closer look reveals this is actually MIKE Thor. Probably a distant relative, right?

Wouldn’t have mattered what Asgardian was in the ring today, as they were facing 2 Cold and you could tell as he was moving and grooving to the ring he was FEELING it.

As the match starts it’s energetic with some nice arm drags and an arm bar, but nothing all that special.

That all changes soon enough as 2 Cold decides to get out of a arm wringer in a way that seemed to defy logic. Not to mention. physics.

At this point, Scorp decides it’s time to really start showing off with a massive leap frog, freaky drop down, and an absolutely gorgeous dropkick. Yeah, this guy was pretty darn good.

Then it’s time for him to go flying over the ropes and to the floor on his opponent. You see this seemingly ten times every Wednesday night on Dynamite, but it sure did NOT happen in 1992, and if it were going to, it wouldn’t be in WCW rest assured. Yet here it is!

A big ol’ suplex, some chops (right out of 2023!), and a nice suplex sets Thor up for the inevitable…

…which would be a spectacular 450 splash (!!!!) for the three count. You wouldn’t think anything could top that, but I’d argue that 2 Cold’s dancing may have been even BETTER. I gotta believe he still has those moves in his back pocket, so Tony…get this man on my screen tonight!

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