The Road Warriors vs. Bob Riddle & Rick Orasi


It’s weird for me to think I’ve been doing SQUASH of the Week for nearly two months and this is the first time the Road Warriors have been featured. When I first came up with the idea to do this I had them in mind from the get go, as when I think of what a squash match is, I always think of Hawk and Animal’s reign of terror back in the Crockett-NWA days of the late 1980’s.

The formula was always the same – the Warriors would blitz the ring and start laying waste to their usually pasty and flabby opponents. Today, their foes at least look like they’ve seen the inside of a gym but it makes zero difference.

While it wasn’t uncommon for Hawk and Animal to win in like 10 seconds, here they feel like getting a bit more of a work out, so Hawk takes up one of the guys in a suplex to hand him to a second-rope waiting Animal who crushes the dude with a powerslam.

The end would be the same for Orasi and Riddle as anyone else – Animal hoisting his foe into a chicken fight position so Hawk could fly off the top with a vicious clothesline. BOOM, dude is dead, Warriors win.

Today, though, we get a special treat as Animal decides these geeks haven’t had quite enough so he press slams the guy onto his partner so they can pin them both at the same time.

THAT, kids, is a SQUASH. Rest assured, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Warriors in the weeks to come!

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