Aja Kong vs. Chaparita Asari

Been too long since we’ve had a women’s SQUASH of the Week, so we’re heading back to 1995 with an appearance by Aja Kong on Monday Night Raw. One of Japan’s hottest competitors, Aja was brought in at the request of Madusa (I ain’t calling her Alundra Blayze!) for a series of matches. Here we get to see her taking on the miniscule Chaparita Asari.

She may have been small, but she was going to give it everything she had! Namely a bunch of flips!

As you might expect, Kong wasn’t really buying into that acrobatic crap and soon enough just became a human wall sending her foe splatting to the ground.

At this point, the fun truly begins, as Kong whips her across the ring then becomes a concrete wall for her to slam into. Ah, yes, now THIS is a SQUASH!

A couple kicks to the back are followed up by a BRUTAL foot that sends poor Asari flying.

But hey, we can’t let our feet have all the fun, let’s punch her right in the face. Add in a giant suplex and you really, really start to feel for that little girl.

And then…THEN…we get THIS. Then to be a total bag, she PICKS HER UP before the ref can count to three! Trust me, ain’t NOBODY doing something like that in this company in 1995 but Aja Kong.

A splash follows that puts even the mighty Vader to shame. The way she feigns disbelief that the ref thinks fun time is over is absolutely phenomenal.

You can tell Aja is having a blast, as she starts DANCING with glee before walloping her with a headbutt. At this point, I’m wishing this was an Iron man match instead of a squash. I could watch this for hours on end.

Alas, it’s not to be as Kong gives Asari one last hope spot. But Chaparita didn’t learn her lesson as she tries on more 1080 gainer with a twist and you know how that goes. An absolutely devastating back fist finishes it off.

So yes kids, Aja Kong was once in the WWF. I know, I know, that sounds completely absurd. And in hindsight, it totally was, as Vince saw this and was like “Uh no, we ain’t doing this.” It had zero chance of ever possibly working, but let’s not dwell on the negative. After all, we did get this match and I will forever be grateful for that!

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