Sandman vs. Macho Libre


I know that header up there says “ECW”, but let’s get real. This rebooted, completely WWE-ized version of 2006 of ECW was about as extreme as a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. All that said, it wasn’t without some real comedy. Who could forget Kevin the vampire, the exhibitionist that couldn’t figure out how to remove her bra, or the ECW Zombie? It was idiotic to be sure, but also the stuff of legend. Today we add to that mythos with the utter destruction of Macho Libre.

No no – not NACHO Libre, the movie starring Jack Black. This would be one MACHO Libre, a ‘luchadore’ coming out and doing one of the worst Randy Savage impersonations you ever did see.

Oh yeah? More like Oh No. And it was about to get a whole lot worse, as we are introduced to his opponent for the evening, one of the ECW originals…

…your pal and mine, The Sandman! Say what you will about Sandy, but he is absolutely one of a kind. I’ve watched him for 20+ years and I am still not sure if that’s good or bad.

One thing I know for certain though – he beat the ever loving crap out of Senor Libre, clobbering him with cane shot after cane shot until he was little more than a blot on the mat.

At this point, Sandman’s patented (and ever horrible looking) white Russian legsweep made this a short evening.

When I started this SQUASH of the Week, I wasn’t expecting Sandman to ever show up…but after how much I laughed at this one, you are welcome here any time, Sandy!

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