Lex Luger vs. Roadblock

WCW, 1996

You may not expect a Lex Luger prelim match to be worthy of Squash of the Week status, but trust me, this one is more than worth it.

Today, he’s battling a big ol’ 400 pounder by the name of Road Block. You might think Lex might have problems throwing a big guy like that around (well, I guess if you never saw him against Yokozuna), but rest assured…

…yeah, he can do do that.

In fact, I bet you he could get him up for the Torture Rack!

Try as he might, no such luck.

Luger himself even seems amused by his inability to hurk the big guy up, eventually shrugging and looking at the crowd as if to say, “Dudes…I am trying!”

The third time proves to be the charm, though, as he finally gets ‘Block up and bounces him around like there’s no tomorrow.

You know what, he deserves to celebrate like he just won the world title after that one!

These days, I strongly advise y’all to follow Lex on Twitter. His positive attitude is absolutely infectious!

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