Paul Orndorff Squashes Disco Inferno in Wonderful Fashion!

This SQUASH of the Week has a somewhat interesting origin methinks, as I keep a folder on my desktop simply called “IMAGES~~~!!!” that contains stupid GIFs that make me laugh. If I want to make someone laugh, I grab something out of it. If I am having a horrible day (which was the case today!), I just thumb through it and find something to make ME laugh. Just so happened I found something in that folder from THIS match and lucky for all of you, I’m about to share it.

The bout features one Disco Inferno boogie oogie oogie’ing himself down the aisle. I know Glen’s kryptonite to a lot of folks these days, but I always found his character to be pretty darn amusing. Seriously – he was a disco dancing relic from the 1970s doing pro wrestling in the 1990s. And his WCW theme was spectacular. Spectacular…

…but not WONDERFUL. Sweet Christmas did WCW have some incredible theme music back in the late 1990s. I know everyone pines for Jim Johnston to get back into wrestling, but if Tony Khan or Trips had access to whoever put this toe tapper together we’d be in the boomiest boom period that ever boomed.

The match starts with Disco attacking Orndorff before the bell. By golly he doesn’t even give him a chance to take his jacket off! What a low life snake.

He then starts choking him in the ropes. Like I’m not sure who is supposed to be the babyface and heel here, but with Paul doing his best Ricky Morton plead to the crowd, I’m just gonna believe it’s Mr. Wonderful.

Disco takes a bit too long to shuck and…well, whatever we’re supposed to call it these days. Anyhoo, he runs face first into an Orndorff elbow and Paul just starts punching him right in his big ol’ schnozolla.

A reverse atomic drop hits and Disco dances a bit. Somewhere Rick Rude is shaking his head in utter disgust. Now firmly in control, Orndorff decides it’s HIS turn to dance and let me tell you…


You know, I don’t even care he didn’t use his super awesome piledriver to win the match, opting for a back suplex (???) instead. He did put his feet on the rope for extra leverage, so I will give him points for that. But you know what I’ll give him all the points for?


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