Doink The Clown vs. Scott Dane

WWF, 1993

Since the inception of SQUASH of the Week, we’ve seen matches you’d kinda expect to see. The Road Warriors, Steiners, Skyscrapers…gigantic men pummeling smaller geeks into oblivion. So when you see Doink the Clown show up here you may be scratching your head a bit. But this ain’t that ridiculous babyface, happy good guy Doink. No no, this is the original mega heel Doink. The GREAT Doink.

And I don’t say that just for whatever wacky video effect the company was using for his entrance here. They need to bring that back for someone, anyone, immediately. You put that on a doofus like Bo Dallas and he’d be the most over guy in the company.

Sweet Christmas, if you ever needed a reminder of just how incredible Matt Borne was in this role, I present you this GIF. And by present, I mean like a Christmas present – what a gift this total madman was.

But he’s not being showcased for his facial expressions here today. Instead, watch as he mat wrestles his woefully overmatched opponent directly into the ground. He even pulls out an early version of the Whoopie Cushion for good measure!

You might be asking what he used as a finisher here instead, and following a nice powerslam, he shows you – a nasty looking submission hold called the stump puller. I know Tom Lawlor tapped out my co-author Bryan Alvarez to that recently, but again, this is something that needs to be brought back to the mainstream. Someone in the Blackpool Combat Club (maybe Yuta?), this is right up your alley.

And thus the clown takes his leave…with yet another amazing camera shot.

Kids, if anyone ever – EVER – makes the mistake of telling you that Doink sucked, they couldn’t be more wrong. So just keep this page bookmarked. It’s all the evidence you’d ever need.

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