Tugboat Squashes Bob Bradley So Viciously Hulk Hogan Geeks Out!

This little column has been picking up a lot of steam over the past few months, as it is apparent I am not the only guy who appreciates seeing a big guy smash a little guy into pieces. You know who else digs that?


And today he gets a good one, as Tugboat takes on Bob Bradley. In fact, we even learn that he helped train him, as he knew him ever since he was a little teeny TUGSTER. They even hung and bung on the Titantic together!

No doubt curious to see how his protege would do in the World Wrestling Federation, the Hulkster even poked his head out from the behind the curtain to look on, nodding his head in approval at what he was witnessing!

And for sure he should have been happy with it – he was crushing Bradley like a cat playing with a ball of string. (Which perhaps gave Bradley an idea himself.)

Tugboat continues his dominance, throwing Bradley wherever he wants. If you can make peek a boo Hulk Hogan happy, you’re onto something!

Try as he might, Bradley is no match for the mighty Tugboat. To be fair, trying a go behind on a guy his size probably wasn’t the best idea, and poor Bob gets a TugButt for trying such a dumb move.

Doubtlessly overjoyed, Hulk has to head to ringside to witness the rampant destruction on display. “What a mighty specimen this Tugboat is!” the Hulkster is thinking!

A massive splash gets Tugboat not only the win, but the overwhelming love of his mentor.

And the only thing better than that is the look on Tugboat’s face. It’s a mix of amazement, bafflement, and most of all unfathomable joy. All that’s missing is a sea shanty…

…which he provides for us here! Oh how I’ve come to love you, Uncle Fred!

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