Battle Kat

Battle Kat

If you remember Battle Kat, you are a true wrestling fan, and we applaud you. Hell, I had forgotten all about him until our main tape guy sent us a copy of his latest creation, WWF Wrestlecrap 90-91 (and you guys definitely want to check that out). Anyway, I called up Merle to ask him about Battle Kat.

RD: “Do you remember Battle Kat?”

MV: “Who?”

RD: “No, not Who, Battle Kat.”

MV: “Never heard of him.”

RD: “Well, he was this goof in the early 90’s who came out wearing a cat mask.”

MV: “Like a cool cat mask, like Tiger Mask?”

RD: “Umm, no…like a happy cat mask.”

MV: “Like Hello Kitty or something?”

RD: “No, not quite that bad. The mask is molded, with fur on it. He has nice little ears and he appears to have whiskers. It looks like the guy is having problems keeping it on, actually.”

MV: “That sounds really terrible. Who was it?”

RD: “I don’t know – I think I remember reading somewhere it was Brady Boone. Did I mention they spelled his name with a K?”

MV: “Well, of course they did, K being the funniest letter of the alphabet and all.”

RD: “True.”

MV: “What was his finisher?”

RD: “I don’t know. I think I only saw like two matches of his. In this one, he uses a roll up.”

MV: “Did they give it a name?”

RD: “Not in this match. Maybe they should have called it the ‘Ball of Yarn’.” (Note: Several readers have informed us that he used a DDT variation called the Kat’s Kradle.)

And that, friends, is all we know about Battle Kat. A month or so of matches, and he vanished into the night, never to be seen or heard of again.

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