Samoa Joe vs. Gravity

The cool thing about a good ol’ fashioned SQUASH of the Week is that it doesn’t have to be, well, ol’ at all. In fact, with the (over) abundance of wrestling we get to watch now on a seemingly daily basis, there’s a decent chance you’ll get to see one without delving into your dusty VHS tapes. Such was the case this week on Collision just a few days ago as we got to see an up and coming luchador make his debut on the show.

It was gravity. He had recently faced Pac with the insider joke being a reference to Pac’s old nickname, “the man gravity forgot.” That was cute. This week, however, he was facing someone else entirely.

That would be Samoa Joe. I was so proud of myself for dubbing him “the man gravity remembered” and then everyone else on the planet made the same joke. Eh, you win some you lose some.

So the bout begins and Gravity does his moon walk taunt. I guess that makes sense since he reminds me very much of Lasertron, an old NWA jobber who I’m pretty sure was one of the original inductions on this site. Also, that taunt looks exactly like something an N64 create-a-wrestler would have. Maybe that’s where he got the idea, who knows.

Gravity takes his offense to Joe…and continues his taunts. At this point you can tell Joe has just about had enough. You know this man’s end is coming and it’s going to be great.

But not quite yet as Gravity unleashes a nice Frankensteiner (I learned my lesson Scotty!) and a wacky top rope arm drag. Gotta admit this kid is showing more than I thought he was going to in this match.

It doesn’t take long however until Joe takes over and clobbers him in the corner. But Gravity has one more idea…if only he could get to the top rope and fly at Joe…perhaps…perhaps…

…yeah, that ain’t happening kid.

And now the utter destruction begins, with Joe absolutely killing the guy with a senton, punches, and a muscle buster to end all muscle busters. Holy smokes that was great. And truly worthy of a designation of SQUASH of the Week!

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