Stan Hansen Destroys Dave Studemeyer

WCW, 1990

Can’t believe we’ve been running this column for months and have yet to feature the Bad Man from Borger, Texas! Let’s rectify that today as we get to sit back and watch him obliterate young Dave Studemeyer!

And hey, give this pup credit, he attempted to take the big guy down with a dropkick before he even turned around to face him! I mean, it didn’t work and Stan immediately started to beat the every inch of life out of the guy, but at least he showed some gumption.

Some idiotic gumption, but gumption nonetheless.

Stan proceeds to take him over to the rope to continue his beating, going so far as to bite him on the forehead. That would be gross enough, but when you factor in Stan’s giant mouthful of chaw, well, let’s just say I wasn’t Dave Studemeyer this evening.

A nasty suplex is next. I mean, you see that and you don’t think “that looked very well executed”, you think “that looks like it could have snapped the guy’s spine in half.” But just to show he isn’t a total jerk, Stan offers his foe some of his tobacco by way of slamming it directly into his mouth and eyes.

Punches in the face follow as referee Nick Patrick struggles to keep control. Yes kids, Nick Patrick was around even back then.

A vicious bodyslam is delivered and then we get an elbow drop that looks like it could have broke the guy’s sternum. We need more moves that look like they legit hurt (but don’t actually legit hurt) in wrestling today.

The finish comes as The Lariat takes the guy into the corner, grabs his rope, and attempts to strangle his hapless victim. Patrick counts away but Hansen just ignores him. At this point we have our first ever SQUASH of the Week resulting in a disqualification as Stan loses the contest.

Point to Studemeyer all you want, Nick. We all know who the real winner was here!

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