Big Van Vader vs. Hogan… Randy Hogan

WCW, 1993

Yeah yeah, I posted a Vader squash last week. Who cares? Seriously, who could ever tire of him fighting Hogan?

Even if it’s RANDY Hogan?

Leon starts off pummeling the guy in the corner, and then decides to start tossing him around like he’s one of those old wrestling buddy dolls. I am sure some…nay, ALL…of you had one of those when you were a kid. And by kid I mean adult. I mean, I had one. It was given to me by dudes I worked with on a pipeline as a going away present. True story!

At this point, Vader decides to start doing laps for whatever reason. It’s like he saw Warrior and Earthquake over in the WWF and said, “those dudes only run across the ring once…maybe twice. I’m going to do it 47 times and show them how it’s really done.” So he does that and splashes poor Randy right in the nads. Gotta admit, I’ve never seen that before.

I know WCW used to get slagged for its production values being less than what Vince was offering, but holy crap did they get fantastic angles here. I almost feel like I personally need to go to the local prompt care after seeing that.

A Vader bomb follows, but his manager Harley Race says no no no, we need to do some more damage.

Harley points to the top rope and up the big guy goes…for whatever on earth that is. For sure I thought it was a moonsault, but instead it’s just Vader spinning in midair and implanting Randy Hogan’s carcass into the mat. Time to get the giant novelty spatula out.

Surprisingly, Vader doesn’t pin his foe, instead having the ref giving him a ten count instead. Cool. Someone should bring that back stat. He then departs for the back, but rest assured, he’ll be back for more SQUASHES of the Week in the future.

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