Stan Hansen Goes All Stan Hansen and It’s Glorious

When I started this column I wasn’t expecting Stan Hansen to be featured more than just about anyone else…but after going back and watching SQUASH after SQUASH from this legend, I have to question why on earth I was such a fool. Holy smokes he’s great.

Straight from 1990 WCW we get him here in a match from the old Main Event show. If you’re asking how I know it’s from 1990, seriously, look at the shorts on the freaking CAMERA MAN. Dude’s got a fanny pack too!

Young Scott Allen has a plan to jump Hansen as he is getting into the ring. That goes just about as well as you’d expect, with Stan beating the stuffings out of this doofus. I was really hoping he’d just keep his 10 gallon cowboy hat on the entire time, but he tosses it aside so as to lay in more fists.

He takes his victim over to the corner next, laying in knees to the back as he starts to focus on the arm. It’s interesting to watch as Hansen targets a body part with surgical precision.

He decides to toss him outside for some more fun, slamming the arm onto guardrail before laying in a rather soft then ridiculously hard kick to the chops.

I’ve never been a big fan of what I call punchy-kicky wrestling, but Stan is so great at it I think I’m eating my words. Also mad props to Scott Allen for being a pasty patsy in his Rock & Roll Express Halloween costume.

I was looking for a lariat from Hansen to finish, but instead he attempts to rip the guy’s arm out of the socket and get the win that way. Wasn’t expecting that at at all, but I ain’t about to argue with the Bad Man from Borger, Texas. I like my own arms too much!

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