This Isn’t the Demolition You Remember…But They SQUASH Geeks Anyway!

Gobsmacked was I, GOBSMACKED I say, when I did a search through our SQUASH of the Week archives and noticed that we had not yet done one featuring Demolition? I mean, we’ve had like 43 Sid matches and none with Ax and Smash? Time to correct that before Blade appears to me in a dream and starts reading me the riot act!

Let’s get the geeks out of the way first – it’s Mario Mancini and Salvatore Bellomo. Remember that one week when they tried to make Mancini a fan favorite by featuring him making little boats on Tuesday Night Titans? Good times, am I right?

So Demolition comes to the ring…for the VERY FIRST TIME! Of course, you probably immediately notice that it’s not Mr. Fuji leading them to the ring, but rather Lucious Johnny V. Now while I remembered Fuji wasn’t their first guide, and I kinda sorta recalled that it was in fact Johnny V, I for sure had no recollection that the original idea was for Valiant to have not one, but two tag teams in his stable, as they were to be the muscle as it were for his other pairing, Brutus Beefcake and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Of course, Beefcake would soon leave the stable and we were deprived of just where such a storyline may have gone.

Ax comes in and well sir, that sure is Ax! I mean, his hair is different, the face paint isn’t quite what would become famous yet, but Ax is Ax is Ax is Ax as they always say.

Randy Culley comes in next, who had previously been spending his time in the company as Moondog Rex. Here though he is indeed dubbed Smash. Probably for the best, as I can’t imagine that Derringer song if it began with “Here comes the Ax…here comes the Rex-er!”

So they beat on these doughboys with Demolition Not Yet Darsow doing most of the dirty work. And they sure don’t like Mancini’s face, as they throw it into a turnbuckle, then, into a boot, then into the mat repeatedly.

They toss him outside for some beatings there before bringing him back in for a massive double axe-handle to the chest. That there is a move someone needs to bring back. If they really want to make Luchasaurus a thing again, I’d suggest giving it to him.

Interestingly enough, Decapitation was part of the act from the very beginning. I thought it was pretty interesting to go back and watch this one again, as I hadn’t seen it since Blade originally inducted them all those years ago!

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