Roddy Piper takes on AJ Petrucci with one hand behind his back

Been on a Roddy Piper binge of late, mostly watching old Pits and his pre-WWF stuff. If you’ve never seen his work with Gordon Solie, boy howdy do you need to do so! Today though we’re hitting a WWF Superstars episode where Hot Rod is going to be taking on AJ Petrucci…and just for fun, he’s going to do it with one hand behind his back!

You see, Petrucci thought he was going to play tough guy with Piper, slapping him across the face as Roddy removed his kilt. As you might expect, this was a poor plan.

But Piper didn’t lose his cool. Well, not at first. No instead, he politely asked for one moment in which he tucked his left hand into the back of his trunks.

Of course when Petrucci decided to try another slap, Piper DID lose his cool and began to beat every bit of life out of the poor guy in glorious single handed fashion.

Face first into the turnbuckles poor AJ went, collapsing to the mat. Piper fired off a kick to the midsection as the fun continues.

But hey it’s not all just punches and kicks, here Roddy shows off his technical skills with a snap mare (one-handed!). Whoever said Piper couldn’t wrestle?

Attempting to escape, AJ retreats outside the ring. As if that’s going to help him. Hot Rod rams the poor schmoe into some tables and chairs before tossing his carcass back inside.

AJ FINALLY shows some signs of life, attempting a pair of punches that Piper blocks with his forearms. Some brutal knees to the head follow. I’m not saying Piper was an MMA expert or anything here, but I bet he could have beat Punk inside the octagon.

Snot rockets and a paintbrush job get whittled down enough for Roddy to finish him off as…

…he finally pulls his left hand back out and absolutely waffles him with a double sledge to the face. Just to prove he was still a total a-hole, Piper puts his hand behind his back one more time and steps on the guy’s face for the three.

Ladies and gentlemen…THAT was a SQUASH!

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