King Kong Bundy vs. Jeff Hardy

WWF, 1994

One of the fun things about doing this column is finding random matches you never knew existed. Had someone told me that Jeff Hardy and King Kong Bundy faced off I’d have asked what Jeff was smoking.

Err, I mean what the person who told me that was smoking.

But yes, it was December of 1994 and we had this weird mishmash, with Bundy who was edging into retirement took on the seventeen year old (!!!) Hardy.

So Bundy starts the match by shoving Jeff towards the corner, with Hardy taking what I can only call a flat shoulder bump. Pretty sure that’s not what they teach you in wrestling school, but it did help to make Bundy look like a monster.

Kong bulls him into the corner and then clobbers him with a forearm, following that up with an Irish whip into the turnbuckles that causes Jeff’s body to completely collapse.

We get a wacky bearhug that Bundy gives up on after approximately .0000002 seconds. I can only surmise he felt Hardy was going to submit and wanted to inflict more punishment.

Which of course he does, courtesy of this clothesline.

I may never have seen one any more fitting of the name – it quite literally looks like Hardy ran as fast as he could into a clothesline in his backyard while riding a motorcycle.

Remember that scene where the stormtrooper did that in Return of the Jedi? That’s Hardy here.

An avalanche and that was all she wrote for Brother Zero, as he goes down for the five count. I always loved that Bundy demanded that to show his superiority and thought it would have been a great finish for a world title match. Bundy pins Hogan for three, demands five, Hogan kicks out at four.

Easy rematch material, right?

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