Ain’t No Squash Like a WCW Squash – Kaz Hayashi Takes On Sonny Onoo

Even after all these years (and having written a book about its demise twice), I am still finding nuggets of crapola from the good folks at World Championship Wrestling. I think that’s due to the fact they had so many shows on during its heyday. Of course I’ve seen all the Nitros and Thunders anyone would ever want to witness, but there’s obviously a treasure trove of undiscovered treasures from this here show:

Good ol’ WCW Saturday Night! What was in the early days the flagship for the company wound up being more or less completely ignored by most in the company, which allowed ridiculousness such as what we’re going to be discussing today to somehow, some way, make air. In our matchup today, we will be seeing (checks notes) ah yes, Kaz Hayashi taking on Sonny Onoo.

Wait, what?

Yes kids, we are talking THAT Sonny Onoo, the diminutive manager of such super stars as (checks notes) Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Liger, Masihiro Chono, and Bull Nakano. Despite having such a talented stable at various times, he won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter‘s coveted Worst Manager every year he was active in the company. Hoping to prove he was terrible at more than one job, he got in the ring this evening to show off his skills.


So he gets in the ring and calls out Kaz Hayashi. Hayashi of course was an actual wrestler, good build, decent moves. He would of course be more than a match for Onoo, which is why this is a SQUASH of the Week.

To delay the inevitable, Sonny goes outside the ring and stalls…

…then goes back inside the ring and stalls…

…then back outside the ring and stalls before finally going back in the ring…

…to stall some more while Ernest “The Cat” Miller comes in and kicks Hayashi upside the head. This of course allows Onoo to get the pin without ever doing anything. Why did the ref turn around, see a guy flat on his back and never question anything? Because WCW, am I right?

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