The Mountie vs. Matt Burn (aka Rob Van Dam)!

Over the years, I’ve been asked repeatedly if there were any inductions I’d ever want to retract. These conversations almost always start with the likes of IRS (who I might remind you was an EVIL TAX MAN) and Double J (who I might remind you was an aspiring country singer who wanted to use wrestling to springboard a music career). However, one that is brought up from time to time is the subject of our fun here today, The Mountie, who will be battling young Matt Burn (whom you can read more about here).

Our Canadian pseudo law enforcement official starts the match by circling his foe before deciding to show the folks in the audience his biceps instead. Guessing he just wants to remind them that just like the song goes, he is in fact handsome, brave, and strong.

A quick loosening of the joints gets him ready for action, whipping him across the ring and then following through with an awesome flying elbow. I’ve seen folks use that move a lot of the years and it usually looks horrible, but rest assured that’s not the case here!

A half nelson comes next with Jacques grabbing the other arm which allows him to smash the Matt’s head repeatedly into the turnbuckle. That’s pretty cool and someone needs to steal that immediately. I nominate Hook.

At this point, he decides to toss him out of the ring like a bag of garbage, which allows his manager Jimmy Hart to berate the guy with his megaphone. This is a delightfully annoying act. He also takes his opponent down and forces him to live up to his ring name of MATT BURN.

Just to make sure we understand the nuances of his persona, Jacques stops to yell at the camera the following words: “I’M DA MOUNTIE!!!!!” Even Sean Mooney is like, “Dude, we get it. Why do you keep telling us this?”

Just as I was trying to remember what his finisher was, Jacques hits a sweet drop kick and then pins the guy with a foot to the chest and one more muscle pose. Because remember, he’s STRONG.

And just in case you’ve already forgotten that, here he is to sing his theme song live while the pre-recorded version plays over the PA system. Like I said, I’ve never retracted an induction, but if ever a guy had a case, it would be him!

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