Have a Nice Day with This Cactus Jack SQUASH!

I’ve always felt a sense of debt to Mick Foley. After all, before his first book hit, publishers around the world thought wrestling fans were too stupid to read. Really, that’s not a joke. It wasn’t until Foley demonstrated that with a great book, they couldn’t only read, but buy wrestling tomes in droves. That opened up the door for geeks like me and yep, THANK YOU MICK! Plus he would do other great things like clobbering jobbers into oblivion as we’re about to pay witness to today.

His foe today would be one Rex Cooper, looking for all the world like a discount store version of Rob Van Dam. I say that, but honestly, that ensemble he was wearing was all the rage for wrestlers in the early 90s. It was a fashion statement of sorts, and that sort was “holy crap that looks horrible.”

Unfortunately for Rex, he was about to run into a buzzsaw in Cactus Jack and no amount of flailing arms as he was backed into the corner was going to save him. Seriously, was he trying to swim away? What was that?

And then Jack floors him with, and I am just quoting Jim Ross here, a MARTIAL ARTS KICK! I can’t believe Bischoff didn’t sign him to a contract for life with kung fu like that!

A big ol’ body slam is next, and that is followed up with a bottom rope leg drop. Two of them in fact. I appreciate him going the extra mi…extra millimeters there I guess to inflict more damage.

Then it’s just Mick brawling and mauling…

…and then another legdrop, this one on the apron as Cooper’s neck is on the bottom rope. Truly worthy of the double gun fire that earned him the nickname Mr. Bang Bang!

Then the real fun begins as Cactus launches Rex over the top….and the guy almost makes it. I was kinda hoping he’d just hang upside for a moment or two so Mick could roll back in the ring and hit him with another.

Back in the ring, Cactus puts this poor schlub out of his misery. What a delight this was. The rumors were true – Foley really WAS good!

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