A Big Big BIG Daddy V Squash…with Way Too Much Oil!

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Abdullah the Butcher. Seeing him in an old Apter mag, I was equally parts horrified and baffled. Sure the forehead that looked like it had been groomed with a garden rake scared the jeebers out of me, but more than that I just looked at him and thought, “You know…that’s not a very flattering outfit. Shouldn’t his family or friends tell him that?” Fast forward to 2008 and we see the image above: the one and only Big Daddy V!

His foe, Shannon Moore comes running in, only to immediately get tossed into the air. Some hide and seek happens next, with Moore scoring a few kicks before running into an absolutely brutal Bossman slam. Usually when I say “brutal” I mean “holy cow did that look good” but here I mean “holy cow that looked awful.” Also “holy cow I don’t know how Shannon ever walked again after that.”

Daddy smooshes Moore into the corner, holding up his giant hand to form a V. But this ain’t no Spock, it’s the set up for a meaty chop which we learn is called “the V spot”. That sounds lewd and I ain’t about to Google it as I don’t want Netnanny to report me to the authorities. Which they probably should anyway considering the outfit Big Vis is wearing here. And who told him oiling up his torso was a good idea? Seriously. Ick.

The big man runs…err…walks somewhat more swiftly than you’d expect at Moore before ramming himself into the turnbuckles. Shannon does his best with a kicky comeback before running right into the flabbiest Samoan drop you ever did see.

If you’re like me, you had no recollection at all what V’s finisher was. Turns out it’s…well…I mean, it’s an elbow drop. I’d say that’s a pretty atrocious finisher, but with that much boob blubber laying on top of you I have to admit it would be difficult to kick out. Sorry for the nightmares you’re about to have tonight kids!

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