Big Van Vader vs. Scott McKever

Big Van Vader

WCW – 29th August 1992

Look for a little bit of brutality in your SQUASH of the Week? We got ya covered for sure as Leon White makes his first ever appearance in these here parts!

Vader’s opponent…or more realistically, victim, today would be young Scott McKever. Pasty, doughy, and with a fantastic mullet. Yeah, I don’t like your chances kid.

And right away Vader does what Vader does – bulls his prey into the corner and begins clobbering him with forearms that look like the could smash bricks back into sand. These blows are so vicious it almost looks like they should overlay giant “WHAM!” graphics over the top of ’em.

A gorilla press is up next, and the big guy is so impressed he flicks the N64’s controller stick to initiate a taunt. After that slam, I’d say he deserved it.

More would honestly be deserved after this offensive showing. God bless King Kong Bundy, but buddy, THAT is how you do an avalanche.

A big splash would appear to end the punishment for Mr. McKever, but Vader ain’t finished yet, yanking the poor guy up by the hair at the could of two.

A nasty – and I do mean NASTY – powerbomb finishes the jobber off. The referee gives the fastest three count you ever did see to ensure the guy isn’t driven through the mat completely. This may be Vader’s debut here, but rest assured, he’ll be back.

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