Jamie Hayter Give Us a SQUASH You’re NOT Going to Hate

As I write this, AEW’s Big Business show is just a day or so away with the expected debut of Mercedes Mone, whom y’all know better as the former Sasha Banks. Or maybe as one of the chicks from The Mandalorian, not sure. Regardless, this is expected to be huge for wrestling fans who have been eagerly awaiting her return to the ring. Me personally, I’d rather another female wrestler get in action.

This world needs Jamie Hayter back in the worst possible way. And if you ain’t buying what I am selling, check out this SQUASH of the Week

Her opponent would be one Danika Della Rouge. To quote Bryan Alvarez, “I’m sure she’s a great person.”

To quote RD Reynolds, “And she’s about to get run over by a freight train.”

So Jamie just bulls Danika into the corner, then jovially lets her live another few seconds by backing away.

But then Della Rouge makes the cardinal mistake of trying to get some offense in on Hayter. She is then pummeled in a glorious manner. Somewhere I imagine Stan Hansen seeing this brutality, pointing at the screen, laughing in a loud Texas drawl, then spitting out some chaw as he nods his head in approval.

I mean SWEET CHRISTMAS look at that. No wonder everyone got behind her prior to her injury, she’s amazing.

Danika musters a couple of chops before being dropped by the most vicious backbreaker you ever done saw.

And this…THIS…finishes things. I know everyone geeks out over the Rainmaker, but to me this is even better. And what’s that goof ref doing? You don’t raise this woman’s hand – you bow to her!!! Greatness, thy name is Hayter!

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