Earthquake vs. Mark Young

WWF, 1990

One of the best things about running this silly website for so long has been the opportunities to meet so many awesome folks. And there may be none greater than “Earthquake” John Tenta.

I am so blessed I was able to call him my friend.

And what better way to honor him again than with one of his awesome squash matches, this time versus Mark Young, circa 1990. The scrappy youngster decided to give it his all in the early going and as you might predict…

…that didn’t go so well for him. Quake effortlessly shrugging off his drop kick then waylaying him with a clothesline is truly a thing of beauty.

Or I guess things of beauty.

Also beautiful is an unorthodox choke slam followed up by the legendary Earthquake splash.

You were the best, John. I could watch you clobber geeks all day.

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