Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ashton Day – Featuring the Most Brutal Spinbuster Ever Seen!

So far in this column, we’ve only seen SQUASHES of the somewhat distant past. The thing is, we are in a glorious time today where obliterations occur multiple times per week right before our very eyes. For instance, let’s look at a guy seems to relish unleashing destruction, none other than Powerhouse Hobbs!

Our geek in question today would be Ashton Day, an up and comer as Gorilla Monsoon might have said. And by golly, he even gives a half hearted wave to the fans just like fellow men being led to the gallows in the 6:05 days of yore. Nearly as soon as he basks in his limited glory he has his head removed from his shoulders courtesy of a Powerhouse clothesline.

Hobbs then takes him over to the bottom rope and attempts to choke the poor guy out. Wait a second, is Day wearing a glove only on one hand? Who can blame Big Will for wanting to smother the guy’s mockery of Michael Jackson?

Is it still called an Irish whip if you throw the guy into the ropes not using an arm but the back of his head? Someone let me know on that. And in case you couldn’t tell Hobbs was feuding with Ricky Starks at the time, he gives us an Absolutely hilarious posing routine. Even Hobbs cant help but laugh at it!

We get the best part last as Powerhouse gives what for my money is the most brutal spinbuster in the history of planet earth. I mean, God bless Arn Anderson but his never approached the level of ferocity on display here. Holy smokes.

Like I said, there are tons of great SQUASHES in recent times…what’s your favorite? Who delivers them most consistently? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll add them to our ever growing list!

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