The Skyscrapers Meet a Jobber Who Doesn’t Want to Sell. It Goes Badly.

A Skyscrapers match is always fun, as Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey made for a great monster team. But when they get in there with a jobber who decides he doesn’t want to sell? Then you know that SQUASH of the Week material!

Their opponents for this legendary encounter would be a feller named Avalanch and another dude named Mike Blackwell and they were about to have a very, very bad day. Because, you see, while the doughier of the duo was humiliated not only by his choice of ring gear but also by the fact that the crack production team couldn’t even spell “Avalanche” properly, Mr. Blackwell was going to have it much worse.

And that was because for whatever reason, he simply decided that he wasn’t about to lay on the mat and writhe in pain following a Spivey belly to belly. By golly no, he just popped right back up, ready for action!

So Spivey whips him into Vicious, whom he basically collides into with full force, knocking Sid right on his backside. Not sure about you, but I see that and hope the poor guy has his last will and testament ready.

Instead, Spivey hits a high gut wrench suplex…which he AGAIN does not sell, rolling over and standing right up. A boot to the face at least has him shaking the cobwebs out, although if that’s selling or the dude legit got his bell rung is open for debate.

A double clothesline puts Blackwell down for a split second, and the Skyscrapers decide to cut their losses and quickly power bomb him to the mat. Spivey nearly jumps on top of Blackwell and forces him down for a 1-2-3. Watch his legs and you can see the guy is trying to kick out! But a win’s a win, right?

So the match is over and you can tell that Spivey and Vicious are absolutely livid, jumping outside to continue the beating. And according to legend, they continued to pummel Blackwell in the locker room. From what I’ve been able to ascertain, Blackwell simply didn’t want to look bad in front of his friends in the audience and decided to do whatever he could to prevent that from happening. I don’t know if that’s true or not; it looks to me like a guy who simply had zero idea what he was doing. Whatever the case may be, this was truly a SQUASH for the ages!

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