Undertaker is Unrecognizable in His Debut Squash!

Was doing some research on a potential SQUASH of the Week when I realized…The Undertaker has never been featured in this column. How on earth is that even possible? The dude had to have had more beatdowns on jobbers than nearly anyone else alive. So time to rectify that, as we go WAY back to his first ever one on one match from WWF Superstars as Mario Mancini is standing across the ring.

But Mancini isn’t just facing any plain ol’ Undertaker, he is facing CAIN THE UNDERTAKER. And yes, that wouldn’t be Paul Bearer but Brother Love in his corner. Early Undertaker is kinda weird to say the least.

So Under…errr…CAIN starts off by completely decimating Mario with punches and a goozle, before launching him over the top rope with a standing clothesline. That’s a nice bump, Mr. Mancini!

We get an inset with Brother Love blabbering on and on and then Taker promising doom to all. It’s interesting, as you can tell that Mark wasn’t quite fully into this yet as he sounds a bit subdued calling out his Cain moniker.

And the rope walk isn’t quite there yet either, with him just taking two tiny steps before gently dropping to the mat. But the weirdest part of all has to be the finish.

The tombstone looks fine (kinda more interesting as he appears to be presenting it to Brother Love), and we do get the hands clasped upon the chest. But no eye roll, no nothing, just a blank stare into the camera. Still, this is a SQUASH if ever there was one, and of course Taker would wind up just fine. I for one kinda dug the more plain attire than those ridiculous neon purple gloves he wore for a while. What about y’all? What was your favorite Undertaker look and how does his debut gear rank in comparison?

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