Mulkey Mania is Running Wild!

There’s good reason that so many folks remember being glued to WTBS at 6:05pm every Saturday night. It was something you could literally set your watch to – a time to just plop down on the sofa and watch some good ol’ fashion RASSLIN’. Sure, most of the matches were one-sided affairs, but it didn’t matter. This was comfort food for any wrestling fan.

There were jobbers galore. Take for example Bill and Randy Mulkey. They appeared constantly on the show trying to better their lot in life, but despite their best efforts, they lost every single time. The week they were paired up against the Gladiators appeared be no exception.

And sure enough, the men in blue came in and were just laying waste to the Mulkeys. This was the kinda shellacking we were used to seeing on the show, but it was more often coming from mighty men such as the Road Warriors. The Gladiators must have eaten their Wheaties this morning!

Blam blam blam, with kicks and stomps and a pretty nice looking back breaker. Yup, this was definitely the same old Mulkeys we were used to seeing. So the Gladiators decided to bring in the Mulkey struggling to his feet on the outside with a body slam…

…only to fall over backwards and be pinned! Yes kids, MULKEY MANIA WAS RUNNING WILD!

The Gladiators absolutely lost their minds – can you imagine LOSING to the MULKEY BROTHERS?? But that’s exactly what happened as the crowd cheered and laughed on in delirious fashion. It was a great moment to be sure. And for once, the Mulkeys were on the victors’ side of a SQUASH of the Week!

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