Bruiser Brody Pummels Al Snow and Friend

He’s the stuff of legend, this Frank Goodish, aka Bruiser Brody. So it’s high time we get him some air time over here on SQUASH of the Week, as we’re getting a good ol’ fashioned handicap match with his opponents being Koko Lewis and Al Snow.

Yes, THAT Al Snow, very very very early in his career!

We start off with some clubberin’ as Brody attempts to collapse young Al’s chest despite the ref’s ridiculous warnings.

A neck crank and body slam come next with Snow reaching out for help from his partner, who is giving the shortest arm tag you ever did see. You can tell this guy has zero interest of actually getting in there with this beast!

Eventually he does, however, and gets promptly kicked in the face for his troubles. Yowtch.

Face meet turnbuckle, and what the heck, let’s see if we can break the guy’s neck apart with my furry boot. Also, you get to join Snow as folks from Lima, Ohio, who have been body slammed by Bruiser Brody!

And hey Al, you get to join Koko as folks from Lima, Ohio, who have been booted in the head by Brody as well!

But this…THIS…is where the fun truly begins. Brody goes to slam Al’s head into the turnbuckle, but Koko is in the way. Brody of course has a solution for this, namely punting the guy right in the nose and forcing him to collapse to the floor. He then tosses Snow with a giant, GIANT body slam and backs up to getting a running start for a flying knee drop. According to Al, “he comes running and it looked like he was up in the air and down the knee comes…and he doesn’t touch me. Brody says ‘thanks kid’ and I was…I was alive. I was ok!”

If you never saw Brody and didn’t quite get what he was all about, well, hopefully this shed some light on him for ya. Just a big, brutal dude who made it look like everything hurt. Sometimes it did. Sometimes it didn’t. But one thing’s for sure – he’s a prime candidate for future SQUASHES of the Week!

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