Tugboat Squashes Playboy Buddy Rose

One of my favorite social media follows has to be Fred Ottman. Dude has unending enthusiasm and never has anything bad to say about anyone, instead trumpeting how even the smallest happenings in his life are AWWWWWWWWSSSSOMMMMMEE!! I smile every time he posts something – it always makes my day. It’s funny, because for years I tried to interview him after I became friends with Earthquake John Tenta, but I could just never catch the guy. When Blade and I finally were able to interview him, he was even better than I could have hoped, just the happiest, funniest guy imaginable. So it’s with a smile on my face that I welcome him into SQUASH of the Week territory as he takes on Playboy Buddy Rose.

Yes, THAT Playboy Buddy Rose of the legendary Blow Away Diet fame. No doubt he was a slim, trim 217 pounds as he battled the mighty Tugboat.

The odds were already stacked against Buddy before the bell even rang, as he decided that he was going to show Tugboat how to properly toot. Raising his arm high in the air, he let out a rather pathetic battle cry than bounced off the ropes…only to run into the brick wall that is Fred Ottman. Serves ya right, ya geek!

Undeterred, Rose gives it another shot, going for a single leg takedown. Unless you have some kind of industrial equipment, that ain’t gonna work either.

Some underhanded chicanery does however, as Rose backs the big guy into the corner and pokes him in the eye, followed by a punch or two. An attempt to whip him out of the corner fails spectacularly and Tugboat reverses the momentum and throws him into the opposing turnbuckle.

One might expect an avalanche in the corner, but Tugboat was selling an injury at the hands of his future Natural Disasters partner Quake. Instead he gives Rose a baaaaaack body drop. That is a lot of poundage to be tossing over your shoulder. And while one could argue maybe it wasn’t that impressive since Rose was running at him…

…you sure couldn’t say that about this body slam where Uncle Fred lifts that big boy up with ease, holds him there for a second, then drops him down. Wowzers. A big splash follows and that gets him the three count as the fans go wild. Seriously, look at those kids in the front row jumping up and throwing their fists in the air!

But those folks pale in comparison to this kid who has a DRAWING OF A TUGBOAT raised on high. I hope and pray Uncle Fred has that hanging on the wall at his soon to be opened restaurant. If not, I am making it a goal for every single person reading this to help me hunt that thing down!

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