Barry Horowitz Gets SQUASHED…by None Other Than Stan Hansen!

Barry Horowitz

While Blade was always the master of Jobber of the Week, I of course had my favorites too. And when I think of legendary jobbers, the name “Barry Horowitz” is always near the top of my list.

He’s one of those guys who would always be on WWF television, and while you knew he was never going to win (well, except for that one time he did and it led to a short term push), you knew the match would at least be fun to watch.

And when he is going up against this guy, you know it’s gonna be fun regardless. Even if you couldn’t work for at all, he’d beat a good match out of you. So today should be fun, right?

Deciding that this may be his chance to shine, Barry attacks “The Lariat” before the bell with a series of nice looking drop kicks. One can only assume he saw what Hansen did to the likes of Scott Allen and said, “Nuts to that!”

But of course, this is Stan Hansen and it’s going to take more than three drop kicks to fell this might oak! So Stan throws him off the top and commences to his glorious pummeling tactics, throwing him out of the ring like a pile of garbage.

A body slam on the floor is followed by Stan grabbing a chair, one that someone was literally sitting in seconds prior. Because really, if you see STAN HANSEN coming at you, you’re jumping up out of that seat and seeking safer residence, right?

Back in we go and Stan gives a nasty, nasty looking gut wrench into a power bomb. He then gives Horowitz a helpful kick to get him in proper position for a vicious looking elbow. Seriously, everyone drops an elbow, right? Ain’t nobody today throwing one like “The Lariat!”

Showing he’s game, Horowitz fights back with some forearms, which Hansen shrugs off by nonchalantly pushing his foe to the mat. And if you thought that elbow before was a thing of beauty, check out this springboard version!

Realizing he’s not getting paid by the hour, Stan stands Barry up and gives him a pair of might chops. What comes next is academic as they say, as he decapitates Horowitz with the mythical lariat. Only two words for this one: DELIGHTFUL VIOLENCE!

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