The Great Khali Has a Great Debut

We all make fun of the guy now (and to be fair, I made fun of him when he first showed up too), but in his debut the Great Khali made quite an impression. Definitely Squash of the Week material, as he took on Funaki on Smackdown on April 21, 2006.

For his part, Funaki looked absolutely horrified. He attempts to run left, he attempts to run right, but it doesn’t matter because KHALI TOO BIG. You can’t escape me little man! So Khali goozles him but in lieu of a chokeslam, he instead parts Funaki’s hair (and maybe his skull) with the most gigantic chop you ever did see.

Not content with that, he picks his foe up BY THE FACE and then does…something. Was it supposed to be a kick? Maybe a knee? Or maybe it was a GREAT KHALI TRIGGER!!

I’ll show myself out.

The match comes to an end as he picks Funaki up by the throat and gives him a MASSIVE tree slam. Holy smokes now that was some wanton destruction. It may have been quick, but honestly did you want anything more than this? Made the big guy out to be a monster and set him up for a feud with the Undertaker. Say what you will, but this debut couldn’t have been much better!

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