Midnight Express vs. a Very Smelly Jobber

Watching the Midnight Express on these old Saturday Night shows was always a treat. Not only were they always entertaining in the ring, Jim Cornette was in his prime as their motor mouth manager. I have so many amazing memories watching any combination presented, as the transition from “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey to “Sweet” Stan Lane was practically seamless in my eyes. And of course the incredible angle that kicked off the Midnight Express vs. Original Midnight Express feud is one of my all time favorites.

They’d always have fun and do something a little different each time, no matter how good or bad their opponents. Even if those guys really stunk.

Such was the case one fateful evening as Bobby and Stan took on a guy who apparently wasn’t the most hygienic guy in the building. Not only does Lane literally shove Eaton, but Bobby wipes his hands off on his tights after beating on him for a bit!

Deciding he doesn’t want to soil his digits further, Bobby tosses him outside the ring. The bump this guy took was truly something to behold!

Seeing his foe outside the ring, Stan goes over to attack this man in what appears to be a woman’s swimsuit only to stop and wave the idea off completely.

Eaton attempts to be a gentleman and hold the ropes open for him. The poor guy is so inept he can barely even climb back in. I’ve seen some horrible jobbers in my day, but this guy might be the worst of all of them.

Stan does eventually enter the ring, but only to push Stinky the Kid over to the corner for a tag. Even that appears to be classified as a ‘bad touch’, as Lane wipes his hands off the best he can.

Back in he comes, seemingly ready to show these no good Midnights what’s for! That lasts approximately .000001 second before Stan gives him a kick and a body slam. Seriously, Stan, if the guy reeks that bad I don’t think I’d put my hands THERE.

A rocket launcher finishes him off, but Bobby refuses to cover him, instead wiping off his hands one more time and pinning the guy with the tip of his finger. No idea who this guy was, but he definitely left behind a (very stinky) impression!

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