Terry Funk Destroys a Jobber…and Ring Announcer Mel Phillips in an Infamous Match!

C’mon, even a blind man could have seen the SQUASH of the Week following the passing of the late, great Terry Funk. In this infamous match, the Funker takes on Aldo Marino…but this one is way better known for something else. Namely, ring announcer Mel Phillips (yes, that Mel Phillips) deciding that he’d look good decked out in Terry’s cowboy hat. But while commentator Vince McMahon laughs like this is the funniest thing he’s ever seen…

…the ornery Texan ain’t having none of that, yanking Phillips into the ring and beats the ever loving stuffings out of him. Of course, at this point Vince cries foul, sounding as if the most heinous act ever perpetrated is happening before his eyes.

Funk isn’t done of course, and continues to beat on Phillips with punches and kicks. Finally his actual opponent, Marino, tries to do something about it…

…and is promptly tossed out of the ring. Having warmed up on the jobber, Funk spins on a dime and tosses Phillips out too.

As Phillips is hauled out in the least medically approved manner imaginable, Funk celebrates. This despite referee Rita Chatterton’s protests. And yes, that is the Rita Chatterton you’ve read about, and yes she was the company’s actual first female official ever. Holy smokes there’s a lot to unpack in this match.

So Funk gets the jobber back in the ring and uncorks a series of overhand haymakers…

…before tossing him out of the ring once again.

Upon Marino’s return to the ring however, the tide changes, with Funk not only being thrown out of the ring himself, but also dropkicked out with a giant somersault bump!

Back in, Marino cranks on a side headlock, and Funk takes him down with a gorgeous back suplex.

He hits an awesome crazy twisting suplex, and wraps things up with his patented spinning toe hold. Kids, this right here is the greatness of Terry Funk – he could make even the most mundane match must see television. RIP Mr. Funk – you are already greatly missed!

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