A Dr. Britt Baker Squash… But Not What You Think!

Britt Baker

Dr. Britt Baker DMD has proven over time to be one of, if not the, biggest women’s star in AEW. She has an incredible personality and has proven herself to be tough as nails. It may be something of a surprise for you to learn that once upon a time years ago, she had a squash match in WWE on an episode of Monday Night Raw. The catch? She wasn’t the one doing the squashing. Wait, what?

That’s right kids – WWE had their hands on Dr. Britt, but they had her jobbing out to Nia Jax of all people, on Nia’s main roster debut no less, on the July 25, 2016 edition of Raw. The match started exactly as you might expect…

…with Nia appearing to completely botch a move. A lock up no less. Now that’s not to say it wasn’t planned that way, but ol’ RD has a rule – if you do a move and it looks like you screwed it up, DON’T DO IT.

Nia grabs Britt by the hair and throws her into the turnbuckles rather hard. A King Kong Bundy-esque avalanche comes next as Britt appears to be thinking it may be easier to go back to looking at folks with nasty teeth.

Next, we see Nia give Britt an Irish whip by the hair. Remember what I said earlier about not doing moves that look like you screwed them up? This also falls into that category. Anyhoo, Britt winds up in the Tree of Woe as Nia continues her onslaught.

You know what I don’t think I’ve ever seen? A big ol’ butt to the midsection. Granted it does look like it hurt, so we do have that going for us here.

A leg drop looks like it is going to finish the match, but no – she yanks her up by the hair just like you’d have seen at a WWF Superstars in the 1980s. Unfortunately, this match is feeling like a Dino Bravo match in about the fifth hour. If you ever went to one of those marathons, you the pain I’m talking about.

And then we get a big old headbutt, so maybe it’s less Dino Bravo and more Tony Atlas. Regardless, it ain’t good and the longer this goes on the more painful memories I managed to repress for years are resurfacing.

Finally…FINALLY…Nia drops another leg and this time she mercifully ends things.

To be fair, this was an effective squash. But since Nia has vanished from the business and Britt continues to be a star on the rise, one has to question how truly ‘effective’ it was.

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