The Giant Destroys Four Jobbers…plus the Greatest Cross Bodyblock in Wrestling History!

I think over the years, it’s become accepted that Paul Wight was never that good. And let me tell you something…that is 100000000000% WRONG. Dude was awesome, especially in his earliest days in WCW when he was known simply as The Giant. And if you ever needed evidence of that fact, enjoy this SQUASH of the Week as he obliterates four geeks at once!

First we get Prince Iaukea giving it a go, with a crossbody block that goes absolutely nowhere. That was so amazing I kinda feel like taking back when I used to call the poor guy Prince I-a-Suck-a back in the 90s.

Rex King comes flying in, and he doesn’t even do anything funny. Instead, Giant brushes off whatever the heck he was doing with his hands (and don’t tell me those were punches) and chokeslams him to the netherworld as well. Giant gets a double pin (complete with the bell ringing!), but that doesn’t stop Mark Starr from leaping from the top rope…

…and the big guy basically just falling on top of him in what was either a botch, a super cool chokeslam, or some combination of both. Eh, I’m going with the latter.

Cobra (remember him???) comes in a house of fire and, well, yeah, you can guess how that turns out. Giant gets ANOTHER double pin as the match comes to a merciful end.

We then get what may be the greatest clip WCW’s history, with bodies strewn about the mat like it’s a legitimate battlefield. No idea who directed that shot, but that guy should get an award of some sort. Don’t have a plaque or a trophy or anything for you my friend, but we’re gladly naming you the co-winner of this SQUASH of the Week!

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