Steiner Brothers vs. Bill Marcetti and Dan Farren

Been too darn long ’round these parts since we’ve had a Steiner Bros. beatdown, so let’s get to this one asap, courtesy of WWF Superstars at the beginning of 1994 as they take on these guys…

…Bill Marcetti and Dan Farren. No doubt you, like me, are questioning why a guy named DAN is wearing a mask. My sole guess is that he knew he was about to get the ever lovin’ snot beat out of him and was preparing to hide his shame in advance.

So the Steiners make their way down the aisle and honestly look like they’d rather be anywhere else on planet earth. If I know one thing about Scotty, it’s if he’s in a bad mood the last place you want to be is standing across the ring from him.

Scotty takes Marcetti down to the mat with some amateur grappling as the referee looks on. But this ain’t just any ref – that there is BILL ALFONZO baby. Yep, pre-ECW, pre-whistle Fonzie!

Scott then decides he needs a workout and starts throwing the big guy around with reckless abandon. And he sure don’t look happy doing it.

He tags in brother Rick who is as happy as can be, tying his foe up like a pretzel. I guess it’s like how some folks get angry drunk (Scott) and others get happy drunk (Rick), the only difference here is instead of whiskey, their liquor of choice is abject violence.

A rather gentle Steinerline comes next. I mean, sure, it looks like it hurt, but I’ve seen Rick hit some where I legitimately questioned how the geek’s head was still attached. Maybe he felt sorry for this guy.

Or maybe he just wanted to give him the biggest German suplex you ever did see.

Scotty has enough of this bozo and tosses him into his partner, and then tosses that guy over his head like a bag of garbage. I guess you probably wouldn’t throw a bag of garbage over your head like that…unless you’re Scott Steiner and then I could totally see it.

A windup and a Frankensteiner that drops Dan Dan the Masked Man straight on top of his head gets the boys the win.

I know the Steiners’ WWF run was way too short and could have been so much more…but as long as I keep unearthing SQUASHes like these, I ain’t complaining.

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