The Ultimate Warrior vs. Bob Emory

When I think back to the early days of my fandom, I am not sure anyone got more over via dominant squashes than the Ultimate Warrior. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the guy’s name? Gotta be stuff like what we’re reviewing today, when he lays waste to poor Bob Emory.

But hey, at least Bob decided to make it something on a contest, jumping Warrior from behind as he posed on the ropes. Wasn’t long, though, before Warrior decided to simply take the dude’s head off with a vicious clothesline.

An Irish whip into a clothesline is next, followed by Warrior humping the air while wearing tights that are way too tight. Seriously, who wants to walk around with a permanent wedgie like that?

Not sure you knew this, but Warrior was more than a bit unorthodox in the ring. Sloppy too. Pretty sure when he came off the ropes there he was shooting for an elbow drop, but instead just lands full force on the guy’s chest with essentially a flat back bump. WOOF.

At this point Bob was probably like “You want to choke me in the air and throw me backwards into the turnbuckle? Sure, why not, can’t hurt much worse.”

Into the corner we go for some really vicious looking chops. Knife edge indeed as big Jim is throwing them as fast and hard as humanly possible.

A ridiculous splash in the corner that Warrior undershoots by a good three feet has Vince oohing and ahhing on commentary. Whatever you say dude, that looked like crap.

No gorilla press this time out as Warrior does a single splash before pinning Emory in the most bothersome cover imaginable. No idea what Mr. Emory got money wise for his efforts here, but rest assured it wasn’t enough. Still, this was a fun watch – I mean, Warrior appeared to be a legit out of control maniac, which is what got him over in the first place, right? We’ll be seeing more of him in SQUASH of the Week in the future I am sure.

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