Yokozuna vs. Bill Jordan

WWF, 1992

This is a classic case of not catching something the first time around.

For years, I’d viewed Yokozuna as little more than a waste of time. Upon his initial run, I was never all that impressed. Sure, he was huge, but any time I saw him coming to the ring I pretty much used it as a bathroom break. Over the years, though, I’ve changed my tune…and that starts with the match we are reviewing today, his first televised match in the WWF.

And let me tell you, if ever there was a SQUASH of the week, it’s this one right here. Bill Jordan is anything but a small man, but as he attacks Yoko, he is immediately hoisted into the air with a fantastic spinning uranage.

Face first on the ground, he soon gets the heftiest legdrop on record. I know some folks like to call that the Hulkbuster, but it’ll always be the BIG DRUMSTICK to me courtesy of that absurd Survivor Series poster from years back. If you know the one, you know the one.

A belly to belly suplex comes next. What I find fascinating in hindsight is watching how the big guy is always airborne on these moves. Seriously, at that size he could easily just flip and drop him remaining vertical but Yoko ain’t having none of that.

An Irish whip into the turnbuckles sets Jordan up for even more punishment. The fact that he takes a step forward then does a fine flat back bump right in the corner has to have Yoko licking his chops, no?

The end comes soon after, as the big guy scales the ropes and drops his big ol’ keister right on this poor pasty jobber. He then crosses his arms and glares at the camera.

I didn’t see it before, but I sure see now why so many view him as one of the best big man in history. And I expect we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of him in the months and years to come here at SQUASH of the Week!

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