Skip vs. Barry Horowitz

Guess what kids, it’s time for that old WrestleCrap (Radio) staple, FUN WITH TAM!

It’s so weird to see old footage of Tammy Sytch and realize there was once a time where she wasn’t the complete trainwreck she would become. When she really was a big deal in the wrestling business, a woman who was not only stunningly beautiful but had oodles of charisma and talent to spare. When she first arrived as Sunny with her partner Chris Candido, it seemed like a can’t miss prospect.

Of course then Vince dressed them up as fitness gurus and renamed Candido “Skip” and you thought maybe, maybe, this wasn’t going to quite work out as well as you might expect.

No worries at all today though, as he’s having a prelim match versus jobber Barry Horowitz. Ah yes, the enhancement talent to everyone, a guy who was great at making everyone else look the best they possibly could prior to staring up at the lights for them.

Skip starts things off with an armdrag and then follows things up with some jumping jacks. Hey, if you’re trying to be Vince’s new Jack Lalanne, that’s the kinda thing you do.

At this point though, something happened that no one was expecting, with Barry getting an arm wringer and then an arm drag of his own. Sunny starts losing her mind in a fantastic manner, literally holding her head as if it’s about to explode.

But then Horowitz makes the fatal error of deciding to pat himself on the back after just a couple good moves. He does a few jumping jacks of his own which of course ticks Skip off, who kicks him in the gut and suplexes him.

A nice body slam follows, then Skip bolts up the ropes for a perfectly executed knee drop across Horowitz’s throat. And just to show that he really is the super fit guy he claims to be, he jogs around the ring in a mocking manner. See, because Skip is a winner and Horowitz is, as always, a loser.

Skip then does some push ups as well, pausing only to give Sunny a thumbs up…which is just enough time for Barry to sneak in and roll him up for a three count!

Say it with me, kids – HOROWITZ WINS! HOROWITZ WINS!

I know I am not the only one who remembers this one…a legendary SQUASH of the Week if ever there was!

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