Taz Debuts In The USWA

Depending on when you started watching wrestling, you may have a different image of Taz when you think of him. Newer fans may know him as the wacky commentator and sometimes, kind-of manager on AEW. Maybe you know him from the same role in TNA or his time in WWE, both as a wrestler and color commentator.

Older fans will of course remember his dominant run as The Human Suplex Machine in the original ECW. He even worked in WCW for a match. Longtime readers may even remember The Tasmaniacs.

But I digress.

This right here is his debut in the USWA as the Tazmaniac with Richard Lee. In what could easily double as a Squash Of The Week, a, uh, unique-looking Tazmaniac makes short work of Tony Williams. Just listen to that crowd laugh cheer when he makes his entrance! Gasp as he nibbles Tony’s fingers!

Fun fact: USWA doesn’t get a mention on his Wikipedia page. I wonder why.

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